Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, EZ Stack Flat Mold

Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, EZ Stack Flat Mold


EZ Stack stone comes in 3 widths of 4.5″, 3″, 1.5″ for quick and easy installation. The finished product/stone is approximately 1-1.75″ thick. Each mold is approximately 22.75″ in length by 20.5″ wide by 2.25″ deep and makes approximately 2.4 square feet drystacked or 2.9 square feet with a grout joint. Stone Master’s rubber molds are made from plastisol, which requires no release agent and will last for hundreds of pours. This mold includes recycled plastisol. Made in the USA, both materials and labor. Matching EZ Stack corner molds are also available.

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  • Professional grade rubber mold that will last for hundreds of pours, created from natural stone to reproduce the natural stone's finest details
  • Made in the USA from plastisol rubber, including recycled plastisol
  • No release agent necessary, saving you money, time, and clean up, as well as easy, clean release of face color pigments, unlike plastic molds, urethane molds, and silicone molds
  • EZ Stack stones are made in 3 widths for easy installation, with unique stones in each of the 5 versions available for purchase, no stone repeats
  • Matching EZ Stack corner molds are also available

5 reviews for Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, EZ Stack Flat Mold

  1. RoVic

    The material of the molds is great, the size is good too, this mold will give you thick pieces. Absolutely loved it, will continue to order from Stone Mold Masters. The molds are heavy too, it gives it more resistance.

  2. KevinS

    Extremely heavy duty and durable. Very nice mold..

  3. Andrew Torres

    Super heavy duty, great quality feel about them. It looks pricey but for what you’re getting, but it’s worth it. The other molds I researched looked frail and didn’t look like they’d last nearly as long as these.A little heavy but that’s to be expected with quality. Super happy with them.

  4. Nick Trolio

     Great product*****

  5. Jeffrey Pustay II

    I actually bought 2 versions of the molds just because I wanted to mix bigger and smaller stones. So far they have been very durable. I made 6 batches using both and had no problems. This is def the cheaper route since veneer stones are so expensive, its a lot cheaper to buy a big bag of portland cement and make your own. After a couple of batches I experimented a little and to change the size of the stones would put cardboard in a middle of one of the molds so it would be half the size and that works. I’ve also cut pieces of wood the size of the molds and slightly pressed down on the cement to give myself a corner piece. Not sure how durable its going to be long term but I am able to give myself custom corner pieces with just cardboard and a spare piece of wood. I recommend getting dyes and mixing just a little in each batch. Also I took a power sander and removed the pads just to vibrate the mold to get air bubbles out.

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