Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, EZ Stack 1-Step Corner Mold

Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, EZ Stack 1-Step Corner Mold


  • Corners are in 3 widths of 4.5″, 3″, 1.5″ for quick, easy installation
  • Professional grade rubber mold will last for hundreds of pours
  • Each of 3 mold versions has one-of-a-kind stones
  • NO RELEASE AGENT necessary
  • Matching EZ Stack flat molds are also available
  • Made in the USA
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Stone Master Molds EZ Stack Corner Molds for Concrete

EZ Stack is a stone veneer stacked stone corner mold for concrete that has a clean, contemporary look and is a favorite among designers and architects.  For quick and easy installation, EZ Stack stone comes in 3 widths of 4.5", 3", 1.5". The finished product/stone is approximately 1-1.75" thick.

Additionally, each mold makes approximately 1.5 linear feet dry stacked and 1.75 linear feet with a grout joint. EZ Stack corner molds for concrete are designed to complement the matching EZ Stack flat mold.

What's more, our corner molds are available in 3 unique version, with no stone repeats.  Additional versions available upon request.

A corner plug can be used (sold separately) for 1-step corners, or you can create your own from melamine, plywood, etc. 1-step corners allow you to pour the corners in one step. Pour the long, horizontal end first, place the plug on the mold, then fill the open, short end and lightly vibrate.

Our molds require NO release agent. This will save you money, time, and clean up, as well as easy, clean release of face color pigments, unlike plastic molds, urethane molds, and silicone molds.

Made in the USA, both materials and labor.

Manufactured Stone Basic Mixing Procedures Using A Pre-bagged Concrete Mix for your EZ Stack Corner Molds for Concrete:

This is one suggestion for mixing the concrete for the EZ Stack corner molds. There are many other instructions available online, including videos.

BE SURE TO USE A CONCRETE MIX THAT CONTAINS PORTLAND CEMENT. We recommend Sakrete Maximizer, as it has lightweight aggregate, is high strength, and yields more product, but there are many kinds you can use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing.

If using pigment, add desired iron oxide pigment to mixer (100% pure, no additives). These can easily be found on Amazon, etc.

A plasticizer can be added to reduce the amount of water in the mix. Pour into the molds which may already have coloring additives… NO RELEASE AGENT NECESSARY. Vibrate molds to release air bubble.

Finally, cure the concrete in the EZ Stack corner molds for approximately 24 hours at the minimum of 70 degrees Fahrenheit before demolding. Higher humidity is desired. Molds can be covered with a tarp to retain more heat and humidity. Continue to cure demolded stones at 70 degrees or greater until ready.

8 reviews for Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, EZ Stack 1-Step Corner Mold

  1. NT

    Nick Trolio

    Great product. Easy to use

  2. MM

    Michael M.

    Great mold, very solid. Arrived fast.

  3. MO

    Matt O’Dell

    Came out beautiful

  4. DW

    Damian Wilson

    Great mould

  5. GH

    george hisle

    No need for releasing agents

    Very good mold

    3 people found this helpful

  6. A


    Professionalism defined!

    Top quality seller and product. Extremely fast shipping and the seller immediately assisted me with a small issue on one of the six molds purchased. Highly impressed and will continue to do business with Stone Masters.

  7. M


    Works good

    Works good. The only thing i wish they did was make the bottom mold with a flange or a stopper. When you apply concrete on the short side it will just fall out so what i did was make a 2×4 rectangular frame and slide the small side into that so it will work.

    2 people found this helpful

  8. JP

    Jeffrey Pustay II

    Love these

    This will be the 3rd one I’ve bought. (because of look) I would recommend something to get bubbles out, it is common. Either put on a plate and vibrate plate or take a sander with pad off and just run along sides. Also I’ve been playing with combination of mixes and surprisingly little dabs of wood stain in mix make some interesting colors.

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