Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, Slate Wall Cap Mold, 23.75″L x 18″W x 1.5″D

Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, Slate Wall Cap Mold, 23.75″L x 18″W x 1.5″D


  • Create your own concrete stone wall caps, approximately 23.75″ long by 18″ wide by 1.5″ thick
  • Production quality concrete molds can be used hundreds of times
  • Save tons of money and create your own custom colors
  • NO RELEASE AGENT required
  • Made in the USA


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Stone Master Molds Slate Wall Cap Mold, 23.75"L x 18"W x 1.5"D

Create your own concrete stone wall caps with Stone Master Molds rubber mold for concrete. The top is a slate texture with the two long sides bullnosed and the two ends are straight cut. The finished product that you pour will be approximately 23.75" long x 18" wide x 1.5" thick/deep.

Fortunately, our molds require NO release agent, which saves money, time, and clean up, as well as easy, clean release of face color pigments, unlike plastic molds, urethane molds, and silicone molds.

Pour hundreds of times with this professional quality mold!

Made in the USA, both materials and labor.

Manufactured Stone Basic Mixing Procedures Using A Pre-bagged Concrete Mix for your Wall Cap Molds:

This is one suggestion for mixing the concrete for the wall cap molds. There are many other instructions available online, including videos.

BE SURE TO USE A CONCRETE MIX THAT CONTAINS PORTLAND CEMENT. We recommend Sakrete Maximizer, as it has lightweight aggregate, is high strength, and yields more product, but there are many kinds you can use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing.

If using pigment, add desired iron oxide pigment to mixer (100% pure, no additives). These can easily be found on Amazon, etc.

A plasticizer can be added to reduce the amount of water in the mix. Pour into the molds which may already have coloring additives… NO RELEASE AGENT NECESSARY. Vibrate molds to release air bubble.

Finally, cure the concrete in the wall cap molds for approximately 24 hours at the minimum of 70 degrees Fahrenheit before demolding. Higher humidity is desired. Molds can be covered with a tarp to retain more heat and humidity. Continue to cure demolded stones at 70 degrees or greater until ready.


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