Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, Retaining Wall Block Mold, Creates Two 11.5″ Blocks

Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, Retaining Wall Block Mold, Creates Two 11.5″ Blocks


  • Create your own custom color retaining wall blocks and save money
  • Each mold creates 2 retaining wall blocks for walls, gardens, planters, etc.
  • Production quality molds can be used hundreds of times
  • NO RELEASE AGENT necessary
  • Made in the USA
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Stone Master Molds Retaining Wall Block Mold

This Stone Master Molds Retaining Wall Block Mold creates 2 wall blocks measuring approximately 11.5" long at the front, 8" long at the back, 6.75" deep, and 4" in height. Create your own wall blocks in the color of your choice and save money at the same time.

Of great importance, our rubber molds require NO release agent!  Consequently, this will save you money, time, and clean up, as well as easy, clean release of face color pigments, unlike plastic molds, urethane molds, and silicone molds. They are production quality molds and can be used hundreds of times with proper care.

Manufactured Stone Basic Mixing Procedures Using A Pre-bagged Concrete Mix for your Retaining Wall Block Molds:

This is one suggestion for mixing the concrete for the retaining wall block molds. There are many other instructions available online, including videos.

BE SURE TO USE A CONCRETE MIX THAT CONTAINS PORTLAND CEMENT. We recommend Sakrete Maximizer, as it has lightweight aggregate, is high strength, and yields more product, but there are many kinds you can use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing.

If using pigment, add desired iron oxide pigment to mixer (100% pure, no additives). These can easily be found on Amazon, etc.

A plasticizer can be added to reduce the amount of water in the mix. Pour into the molds which may already have coloring additives… NO RELEASE AGENT NECESSARY. Vibrate molds to release air bubble.

Finally, cure the concrete in the Retaining Wall Block molds for approximately 24 hours at the minimum of 70 degrees Fahrenheit before demolding. Higher humidity is desired. Molds can be covered with a tarp to retain more heat and humidity. Continue to cure demolded stones at 70 degrees or greater until ready.

5 reviews for Stone Master Molds Rubber Molds for Concrete, Retaining Wall Block Mold, Creates Two 11.5″ Blocks

  1. V



    Image #1 from Vladimir
    Image #2 from Vladimir
  2. BT

    Bio Teacher

    I purchased two of these because I wasn’t sure how many I would need for each 80 lb bag (Turns out someone else asked later and it’s 6.6, so it’s a good thing that I’m making walkway stones as well). I took out my first four today, and they came out really easy, and have a really nice look to them. My mixer only holds 1 – 80 lb bag at a time, and I wanted to have multicolored stones. I’ll add pictures later, but they set up really nice and came out really well. Even the wife is happy with them.

  3. T


    Great product, easy to use. I was able to make some slight incline adjustments with the concrete making an ever so slight not to level wall level. Awesome.

  4. VB

    Verified/Frequent Buyer

    I bought these a few months back but am just now starting to use them. Pour concrete in afternoon and blocks set overnight. Blocks are very easy to release from mold and cleanup is a breeze. I’m trying to perfect the ration of concrete to water for the exact amounts to make the two blocks. My guess is that it takes about 15-20 minutes to mix the concrete and pour into the mold.I now need to get a cheaper source of concrete than the 60 pound bags I’m buying now. At this rate I save about a $1.00 on each block which is not that great. I’ll go to the 80 pound bags next and save even more.

  5. AC

    Amazon Customer

    These things are awesome. I originally bought 3 molds because someone said an 80lb bag would do six blocks… I found out that the 11.5 blocks I get 2 molds or 4 blocks total. I got one more so I can do 8 blocks a day. It’s extremely simple to use… just mix fill and let them sit over night. Buy concrete in bulk at 3.45 an 80 lb bag and it cost $0.86 per brick compaired to the $2.60 per at HD. Oh yeah, the release of these molds is amazing! Some of the other molds I’ve used require a release agent to get these bad boys out. All I’ve had to do with these molds is flip them upside down, and pull the mold off like a glove. Final product comes out very nice!

    Image #1 from Amazon Customer
    Image #2 from Amazon Customer
    Image #3 from Amazon Customer
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