Who is Stone Master Molds?  Our Team is comprised of experienced stone veneer manufacturers with over 50 years of combined experience in producing molds and making high quality stone veneer.

Why Consider Stone Master Molds as Your Mold Supplier?  Manufacturing expertise – we don’t just make high quality and unique molds; we understand what producers need in a mold design to make a successful product and understand all the items critical to your business’s profitability.  Our team can guide you every step of the way to meet your specific situation.

What Makes Stone Master Molds Unique?  Stone Master Molds offers a complete range of products and services to meet your individual needs.  This includes our “Quick Start” Licensed mold profiles, custom molds, and a full complement of accessories to complete the sale to your customers.

What Types of Molds Does Stone Master Produce?  Stone Master Molds can be made with a variety of material depending upon the detail and lifespan needs of our customers.  This includes polyurethane, Plastisol, ABS, and other traditional mold materials.  Our proprietary manufacturing processes and unique mold designs have been developed to increase your productivity and quality.

How Do I Know Which Material Is Best for my Application? There are many choices but usually there is one particular material that will best fit your needs.  A consultation with our sales team will guide you to the correct material based upon your product demands and your company’s budget.

What Mold Factors Impact the Cost to my Business? There are potentially 25 primary factors that can directly or indirectly impact your manufacturing cost depending upon the mold material you select.  Some of the basic ones are detail, mold life, color retention, carrier requirements, time the product can remain in the mold before demolding, need for release agents, and many more.  This of course does not include the capital cost and time to develop and create your masters.  Our representatives can go over all these items and highlight the areas that will be most relevant to your profitability and costs.

Do All Molds Require Carriers? In most cases a mold carrier will be beneficial, however each product you are making will have its own nuances and a quick consultation will assist us in determining your specific needs based upon your production processes of filling, curing, and demolding.

Do I need to use a release agent with rubber molds?

No.  Our rubber molds do not need release agents.  Demolding the product is easy and saves the cost and time of applying release agents.


What Are The Advantages of Licensing Stone Master Profiles? Stone Master Molds are proven sales winners.  By Licensing our product profiles you save money and time by avoiding the process of producing your own masters.  Using Stone Master Molds’ profiles you can start producing sooner and make money.  Adding profiles and more molds is easy, quick, and can be done as your business grows.  You are a stone veneer manufacturer and that is how you make money, selling stone.  We already developed the profiles, so let us help you focus on your manufacturing business.

What Kinds of Profiles are Available?  At present we offer beautiful, in-demand profiles that are available with corners and a complete line of accessories to meet the demands of your market and customers.  Each profile has the right amount of individual stones to avoid repetition and give your projects an amazing look when installed.  Stone Master Molds is continually seeking out new profiles to add to our product offering and help you gain more market share

What Kind of Performance Can I Expect From My Stone Master Molds? Stone Master Molds are designed to perform under typical stone veneer production processes.  If properly taken care of, our molds can be filled every day and deliver a high quality product.  Typical cycle life of our molds ranges from 300 – 600 depending upon your specific filling and demolding process

How Soon Can I Get My Licensed Molds?  Once you select the profiles that your customers need we can work with you to estimate the number of square feet you plan to produce.  Stone Master Molds has excellent capacity and turnaround times once your order is placed.  We understand the sooner the molds arrive, the sooner you start making sales!  Depending upon the mold dimensions, we can typically produce 50-60 molds per day and begin the process within 48 hours of your order.  If you don’t want to wait for the entire order to ship, we can establish a schedule to ship the molds to you as they are produced.  We understand time is money and your needs are our priority!

How Long Will It Take to Make a Custom Mold Profile?  Each profile will require Stone Master Molds to either search for the natural stone to design your profile, or for you to ship your existing masters to our manufacturing facility.  Depending upon your specific situation, our sales consultants will work closely with you and your team to develop a timeline and projected cost to produce your masters and molds.

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